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Bella Canvas Graphic Tee

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About Kayla

My name is Kayla Glumac, soon to be, Heflin! I live in Montgomery, Texas with my fiancé, Keith, our baby girl, Madison, and cat, Sonny.
Keith and I are in the midst of planning our wedding and honeymoon for October 2024! As a new mom and affiliate for LV Fashion and Design, I’m so excited to share these sassy graphic tees and hand-selected boutique clothing you are seriously going to love.
My goal is to show you how to easily create outfits and elevate your closet with the styles we have here at LV. I believe that when we are “put together” on the outside, we feel good on the inside!
Thank you for trusting in me and supporting my little family!

About Shawna

Hi! I’m Shawna Cruz and I'm a wife, mom, + boutique boss from Lafayette, IN.
My shop is called "What's the TEE? ~ with Shawna," where I focus on fun, adventures with my family, and helping you feel beautiful inside + out!
From graphic TEEs to exclusive boutique designs, I help you find your style.
Thanks for taking a look!

About Mary

Hi ladies! I’m Mary Elizabeth Roberts from Slatington, PA.
My husband and I just celebrated 15 years together & we have 3 daughters named Ezra, Eden & Emmy!
My Facebook boutique is called "Sew Sweet Tee Boutique" where I love sharing our new weekly designs, helping others score their wish list free by parTEE-ing with them & friends & of course sharing my love for these shirts with all my other tee lovers!

About Lori

Hi friends, I’m Lori Martin from Springfield, PA.
I’m married to my high school sweetheart and together we have 2 boys and a daughter.
My boutique is called Lori’s BouTEEque where I focus on fun and finding joy in every day life while rocking out the cutest graphic tees and boutique designs.

About Kristina

I’ve been married to my best friend for 18 years and we two basketball loving boys that are 15 and 12! πŸ€
I love the beach and being outside as much as possible! β˜€οΈ πŸ–οΈ We also have a Boston terrier pup who is 2.5 and crazy! Haha 🐾 I am a personal trainer at my brothers gym, so thay keeps me busy as well! πŸ’ͺ
My faith is a huge part of our lives and and we’re very involved in our church.
Lastly, I LOVE all things clothes! Dressing up, dressing down and everything in between! So being an affiliate for LV was an awesome opportunity for me!

About Cara

Hey Hey! I am Cara Cross from Massachusetts.
I am a homeschool mama. I am married to my husband of 15 years and have 3 daughters and 2 fur babies!
I started Cara's Collection and More in 2022. I had been in the direct selling business for 10 years and wanted to try something new. I have loved helping women find the perfect tee or outfit and being their very own personal shopper.
At Cara’s Collection and More, we have so much to offer. The possibilities are endless!

About Sheree

Hey Y'all! I'm Sheree (kinda like carrie, but with share).
I like to think I'm a southern gal masked by a Minnesotan accent, living in the frozen tundra of the midwest.
In my boutique there's nothing but good vibes to go around! Sprinkling in some positive quotes and inspiration - the Good Vibes Boutique is filled with expressive graphic tees, on-trend boutique clothing items, giftables & more.